Organic cotton sleeping bra for breastfeeding
A sleep bra that's ideal for mothers who sleep on their side like me. At the start of breastfeeding and over
A pure delight, I was very worried that the size wouldn’t be right, it’s not easy ordering online, but the
I was looking for an alternative to the bra at night, I’m thrilled with this solution. However, not enough
A perfect bra for starting nusring, especially at the maternity ward : to put in your maternity ward bag,
Perfect for the night, when I don’t need strong support, just to protect my tender and supersensitive breasts
Very practical article for the beginning of breastfeeding, when the bosom is still changing size as the milk
Very happy with these bras. First 2 bought during pregnancy (90C), and now that I’m going to give birth I’ve
I ordered two of this bra in size L, one pink and one champagne. I'm really very happy. They're soft,
Great item ! Very comfortable, easy to wash, nice neckline (even if the model is a bit "sport"), breast access
I confirm: perfect for the lactation! And very convenient because there is no clips to undo. Very
Very soft and very comfortable bra, practical because the material adapts to the bust size throughout

Organic cotton sleeping bra for breastfeeding


A super comfy nursing bra, and in organic cotton...

Pale pinkChampagneBlack

    Nursing access via the neckline (no underlayer)
  • A comfortable bra that's perfect for your stay at the hospital, the first weeks of breastfeeding (and beyond), and at night.
  • In super soft knit made of 91% organic cotton and 9% spandex.
  • Nursing Access: No clips or snaps, just pull the cup down and over for nursing.
  • Machine wash, delicate cycle.
  • Brand Majamas.
  • Note: to be sure to pick the correct size,  take the time to measure yourself.  Sizing varies according to brand. Click on the "Sizes" tab for further information.

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