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Free pro-breastfeeding posters

mamaNANA programmes for nonprofits

Many local and national nonprofit organisations exist to support breastfeeding mothers. You’ll find below a description of the initiatives put in place by mamaNANA for these nonprofits.

Reduction code for nonprofits

If you’re a member of one of the following nonprofit organisations and you place an order on mamaNANA, we’ll offer you a reduction of 6.50 euros off one order. To obtain the reduction, you need to enter a reduction code while validating your order. You can contact your nonprofit organisation to obtain the reduction code.

If you’re a member of a nonprofit organisation that would like to participate in this programme, contact us at

Here’s a list of the nonprofit organisations currently participating:

 A Deux Mains

 Allaitement 83>> Lire

 Allaitement Votre>> Lire

 Allaiter en Haute-Savoie (Solidarilait 74)>> Lire

 Allaiter Ensemble>> Lire

 Allaiter Simplement >> Lire

 Allaitement Des Jumeaux et Plus >> Lire

 Allo Allaitement 44 >> Link

 Andelle Allaitement>> Lire

 A Petits Pas de Lait >> Lire

 Ardennes Allaitement >> Lire

 Babig et Papotines>> Lire

 Babillages à tout âge>> Lire

 Bébé Bien-Etre>> Lire

 Bébé En Conscience>> Lire

 Bébé’z’Ecolo>> Lire

 Bien naître et bien être>> Lire

 Cajol’ et Lait

 Coccinelle>> Lire

 Cocon d’Eveil >> Lire

 Côté Bébé >> Lire

 Douce Naissance

 Et si on prenait le temps >> Lire

 Famille o' Naturel>> Lire

 Grandir Ensemble>> Lire

 Groupe Allaitement Chambéry >> Lire

 Info Allaitement Mouscron>> Lire

 InfoAllaitement93>> Lire

 Jumeaux et plus 76 Rouen>> Lire

 Koalas et Kangourous

 La Voie Lactée de Tournefeuille >> Lire

 Le Cordon Lacté >> Lire

 Le Tétou

 les Bébés de Gaïa >> Lire

 Les Parents Extra-Terrestres >> Lire

 Les P’tites Souris>> Lire

 Mamans Entraide Allaitement>> Lire

 Mamayaya>> Lire

 Marraines de lait Pays basque>> Lire

 Massage pour bébé >> Lire

 Maternage et Attachment>> Lire

 Matern’ et Lait >> Lire

 Mon bébé autrement

 Montpellier Allaitement Maternel

 Naitre et Grandir >> Lire

 Nature & Bébé >> Lire

 Nutriscare >> Lire

 Pachamama>> Lire> Lire

 Pas à Pas>> Lire

 Portage Bébé Du Gard>> Lire

 Solidarité Allaitement>> Lire

 SOS Allaitement 76>> Lire

 SOS Allaitement Nouvelle Calédonie >> Lire

 TA OURET >> Lire

 Tendrement Bébé >> Lire

 Tribu Koala>> Lire

 Un Bébé Au Naturel >> Lire

Free pro-breastfeeding posters

The traditional media images of a breastfeeding woman are too often limited: the baby is a newborn; the mother is on her couch, in a nightgown; and the picture is framed in a fuzzy pink haze. We wanted to show a different reality: a mother who nurses for a long time, who nurses in public, and who nurses while staying feminine and stylish. We offer our posters free to nonprofit breastfeeding-support organisations, midwife's offices, doctor's offices, maternity wards, community health centers, daycare centers, etc. For more information, and to see the posters, click here.

Participation in breastfeeding-related forums and events

Every year mamaNANA participates in nonprofit events dedicated to breastfeeding, especially in connection with World Breastfeeding Week (in France, la Semaine Mondiale de l’Allaitement Maternel, or SMAM). We sponsor such events in numerous ways: renting a stand, placing ads in the program, making a contribution in exchange for the distribution of mamaNANA brochures to participants, etc. If you’re involved in organising this sort of event, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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