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We welcome your suggestions on good websites to add to this list.

La Leche League is a USA-based international nonprofit organization with country-specific chapters. LLL provides information and support to breastfeeding mothers, including through meetings where nursing mothers gather to learn from and support one another.

>> Click here for the UK LLL website

>> Click here for Ireland LLL website

>> Click here for USA LLL website

>> Click here for the English-language section of the France LLL website

The Jane’s Breastfeeding Resources website contains not only articles about the benefits of breastfeeding and tips on how to successfully breastfeed, but also reports on breastfeeding in the news, and has a forum for breastfeeding mums.

>> Click here for Jane’s Breastfeeding Resources has not only articles about the benefits of breastfeeding and tips on successfully breastfeeding, but also funny stories and comics, videos, and information for working mums. You’ll also find a message board and advocacy information, but the site is based in the United States, and these features may be less interesting for European women.

>> Click here for

In addition to providing information on breastfeeding, the site 007 Breasts examines some of the cultural taboos around breastfeeding.

>> Click here for 007 Breasts

The Birth Den website provides numerous articles on breastfeeding by famous Canadian pediatrician Jack Newman. There are also links to several helpful video clips.

>> Click here for the Birth Den

Dr. Greene reviews some of the medical research on the benefits of breastfeeding.

>> Click here for Dr. Greene

KellyMom has a wealth of evidence-based information on breastfeeding.

>> Click here for KellyMom

I Want My Mum was created by two mothers who wanted to give other mothers facts-based information about parenting. The site includes a breastfeeding forum with advice from other parents, as well as experts’ opinions (midwives, nurses, etc.).

>> Click here for I Want My Mum

The Dirty Diaper Diaries is a video blog by an American mom. One of her videos is on breastfeeding in public. Here’s how she describes it: "Shy about breastfeeding in public? Here’s everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask."

>> Click here to see the video blog on breastfeeding in public

BabyChangingStation has published an info-packed yet concise online breastfeeding guide.

>> Click here to consult it.

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